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Factory Builder Industry

Factory Builder Industrial: Island Empire Edition
Get ready for an exciting journey in "Factory Builder Industrial," where your mission is to conquer empty islands and turn them into bustling hubs of industry and wealth!
Island Hopping Adventure
Embark on an island adventure like no other. Each island is a blank canvas, waiting for you to build your industrial masterpiece. Discover unique resources on every island and use them to your advantage.

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8 Ball Battle Poll Tournament

8 Ball Battle Poll Tournament is the best online pool game for multiplayer fans. Whether you want to show off your skills, challenge your friends, or win big prizes, this game has it all.

8 Ball Battle Poll Tournament features a modern arcade style pool game with online mode, where you can play against real players in real time. You can choose from various disciplines, such as eight-ball, nine-ball, ten-ball, and straight pool, each with its own rules and strategies. You can also play with your Facebook friends in private 1-vs-1 match rooms, or join the world.

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Idle Dig Gold: Craft Adventure

Enter the world of professional gold diggers, explore new lands, dig for gold, fill your ship and take them to conquer new lands! You will enjoy smooth gameplay and super beautiful graphics that we have dedicatedly built and created. Build your strategy and use measures to expand the land, dig a lot of gold and upgrade your boat. This is really an addictive, fresh and unique game that will turn you into a gold digger enthusiast.

Improve your skills and mine gold your way and become a high level idle miner. Find the most valuable gold jewelry, stones and other treasures!